What I Found Under the Bathroom Sink

Yesterday evening, after working overtime, middle asked me to get him some Epsom Salts. I went into my bathroom and opened the bottom cabinet where I normally keep them. At first, I was confused by what I found below the sink. Then I got upset.

There was an empty bottle of Jack Daniels under there, in the darkness.

My husband is an alcoholic. He was dry since our wedding day, 14 years ago. Now he’s started again. I know he drank that bottle in just a few days because it wasn’t there on Wednesday when I got in there for bandages.

Now I have this to worry about….. AND youngest is very ill today with the flu….


3 thoughts on “What I Found Under the Bathroom Sink

  1. My son is an alcoholic. So is his daddy (although high-functioning). So is his daddys’ mama. I used to find empty booze bottles all over my house. It’s been a twenty-plus year battle with him. If you care to read my blog, I chronicle my life with these people.
    As far as him leaving it for you to find….it’s possible but I find that sever alcoholics don’t really care about anything but their next bottle.

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