Crappy New Year!

Well, this year has started out well….




Husband is on a rampage this morning after finding out the children have eaten almost all of HIS cereal. After arguing with the children and my mother, he’s stormed out of the house without his coat. It’s only 30 degrees outside.

I really don’t care. I have found myself giving zero fucks today.


I had a major tooth ache yesterday and spent my midnight swishing with Ora-gel and downing three Tylenol. This morning the left side of my face is swollen and hot. I have an abscess and no money to get it fixed. Hopefully the infection sets in and finally ends all this damned suffering. The only problem with that would be leaving the kids in the hands of that monster I’m married to.


Wish me luck.



One thought on “Crappy New Year!

  1. I do wish you luck. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with this. I wish there was something I could do or say to help you. Just know I care and I am here if you ever need someone to talk or vent to. Hang in there……………………’s got to get “better!” I wish you the best on your journey. HUGS


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