Christmas Joy in the worst of times

Christmas was a pretty great day. The local police brought a bunch of presents to the children, much to their delight. My cousin sent each of the kids a 50 dollar gift card and my mother was stopped as she was walking home from work and given 20 dollars by a complete stranger.

Husband has been quiet and non combative, thank the stars! Sixteen year old is adjusting to his first job well and my older brother came to stay for a few days.

Initially he was only going to stay till Saturday but the snow fell deeper than initially predicted and I couldn’t let him leave. He’s homeless and… where would he go??

I could tell, over the weekend, that husband was trying VERY hard not to cause a scene. He would come into the bedroom and fuss over me because I have been dealing with a migraine since Friday evening. It’s still here on Monday morning.

This morning, husband has already started on middle son. Complaining that middle hasn’t been very helpful in doing the dishes and his chores. Middle voiced his frustration at being griped at first thing in the morning and husband got loud.

ANNNND the cycle begins again.


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