Power Trips

Today, my middle son got his first job. Already husband is making demands on his pay checks. He wants half of the money my son will be making, for food and utilities.

The child is only 16. It’s his first job and husband just doesn’t see how much of an asshole he’s being. When I told husband I was upset with him for making such unreasonable demands, he started throwing his passive aggressive temper tantrum. I would not back down. I think he’s being quite unreasonable.

Middle son has plans for the spring. He’s leaving home and wants to save the money for his necessities. Husband says he can’t have his entire check. Middle and I have already discussed that he will give SOME of his check to the house for food and such but the majority is HIS, as is right. It’s HIS job, HIS money.

Middle now needs a bank account to direct deposit his checks in. I need to find out how much one will cost to open. He needs a couple of pairs of black pants and black shoes, more money out the door and husband is mad about THAT.


ARGH I swear I’m hating him more and more every day!!


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