This is going to sound strange I know…

Let me say, first and foremost, that I don’t consider myself one of those tin hat wearing abduction people. I know there’s no way we can be the only ones in this big huge immense universe but I’m sure they have better things to do besides bug me. But….. something happened that may have changed everything I’ve known.

Last Monday I was walking the dog at 2 in the morning. I always walk the same way and it takes me about 30 minutes round trip. This morning would prove to be different.

As I rounded a corner and looked up, I spotted a light above the berm that used to be the railroad tracks. It was odd in that the colors were blue, pink, purple and gold, flashing or pulsing weirdly. It wasn’t an airplane, that I knew.

As my dog sniffed around, I took out my cell phone and found it was dead even though I’d JUST taken it off the charger. When I looked up, as I put it back in my pocket, I realized the light was getting closer.

I turned and started to run off to the house because I was getting freaked out and the dog was whining. Before I could get a few feet, we were bathed in a greenish-yellow light.

The next thing I know, I was about 400 feet from where I’d been and the dog was laying down, whimpering. I ran home and plugged in the cell phone, looked at the clock and… it was 2 and a half hours later.

I was exhausted and sat on the recliner, falling immediately to sleep. Since then, I’ve had two or three bloody noses a day.

On Sunday, I got video of a light in the sky that looked eerily familiar. My husband thought I was nuts till Sunday, now he wants to go out with me every time I go outside. I dunno what he thinks he’s going to do if they come back. Not like he could protect me!


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