Um, Lord, Maybe You Forgot But…

I’m terrified of thunder. Have been since I was twenty and was almost struck by lightning.

I was walking past a light pole when it struck and blew up the transformer. I remember feeling the heat, seeing the flash and being deafened by the blast. I was tossed into the air like a rag doll and landed 5 feet away.

I remember lying there, stunned and not really sure WHAT happened. I saw the transformer on fire and couldn’t figure out why it was in front of me instead of on the pole where it was supposed to be. Then it dawned on me, as I heard absolutely NOTHING. I was dead.

I was laying in my body but couldn’t hear anything. Up to the point that I sat up, I KNEW I was dead. I tried to sit up and suddenly my body remembered to SCREAM in protest. I seriously thought I’d broken every bone in my body.

A woman came running over to me, asking if I was ok. I couldn’t hear. Luckily I’d learned, from a young age, to lip read. I told her I couldn’t hear her and could she please call an ambulance. Just about the time I finished asking, I saw the ambulance pull up. I saw the lights but heard nothing.

They got me to the hospital and the doctors admitted me for observation and, sometime in the middle of the night, the hearing in my left ear returned.

I would never get the hearing in my right ear back. The episode shattered two of my ear bones and the mastoid bone. They couldn’t even tell how bad it was until they did an MRI. I had micro fissures in every inch of my mastoid bone. The cochlea was broken, the malleus and incus were trashed. My eardrum had ruptured. It was a mess. It’s been twenty six years and so far, everything is still there. Except my hearing.

As I’ve moved through my life, the ringing in my head from the damage to the left ear has been a constant irritation. Sometimes I can’t hear past it. I can’t hear certain sounds. The higher the pitch, the less I hear. Listening to a soprano sing is torture for me, only because her voice cuts out at certain parts so it makes the aria hard to follow.

Anyway, today I laid down for a nap at eleven after going to the food bank to unload trucks and get the meat they give to volunteers who come in on a day when we weren’t open. At three pm I was rudely awakened by Mother Nature sending me a wake up call. KABOOM!

The storms weren’t supposed to start till five thirty….

I guess God forgot the schedule and sent them a little early…


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