Totally confused about Racism

OK, so I volunteer at the local food bank every Thursday (when there’s no Dr appts) and today was surreal.

I was working the bread section and hustling my ass off when an elderly lady of color came up and asked if we had a specific item. I told her I’d see what we had. When I brought it back to her, she squinted at me and frowned. Then she asked me what a white woman was doin in HER food bank. I told her I was helping out.

The woman went NUTS, ranting about how black folk don’t be needin no racist ass honkey bitch helping her. She was yelling about white privilege and how we white folks should stay to ourselves and leave them alone. She was, by the time they got her moved out, screaming about all us white sluts wanting to sleep with their men…

I was in tears by the time she left. I’ve always tried to stand up for EVERYONE, regardless of color, religion or disability. I yell at my friends and family if they discriminate blacks, use the N word, talk shit about my black friends. Then here comes a woman, who I’ve NEVER seen before and yells at me about me being racist SOLELY on the premise that I’m white. What the fuck?

I am completely confused about how someone can be so hateful to someone just because they are a different color. I wish SOMEONE could explain. I honestly don’t understand.

Especially when I was talking about helping at the food bank, not because a bunch of black people go there but because it’s where I get a lot of MY food…. I was helping out the COMMUNITY and my family. Does that make me a racist?????


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