Jinxed it :(

15 year old did something to irritate husband. Husband added another week to his computer banishment. What he did was get on the Xbox to play a racing game with eldest child. Eldest said she didn’t know about the Xbox being on the list of nonos.

Now husband is sulking because I told him it wasn’t fair for him to keep adding to the punishment for such minor infractions. I told him that eldest should be punished instead because she WAS told about the electronics ban but failed to remember it. I KNOW she was told because it was at the family meeting that we had after middle childs infraction.

Peace is never long around here. I suppose I was lucky it lasted the two days it had.

Middle child has informed us that he is leaving home after his 16th birthday. Four months, maybe six. I’m going to TRY to talk him into staying at least till Spring but… I can’t stop him. I know, I know I’m still responsible for him but, perhaps he will be better off if he does leave and go find his way in life. At least he won’t have husband giving him such a constant stream of hatred.

Maybe by then I can get out of this shit myself…


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