So far, All Quiet…

Today, so far, is quiet. Yesterday was one of those increasingly rare days when there was no anger displayed, no names called and no punches being thrown. It was so nice!

I’ve been in a fibro flare since Thursday after taking youngest to the dr. The tiredness and pain needs to just go away 😦

The shoulder has calmed down a little with me learning to use my left arm more. I’m able to write even more legibly now, can cook and even clean as long as I’m careful not to overdo it.

My husband still says I’m faking it. He still wants me to continue cooking and cleaning and when I CAN’T…. I still have to.

The children are doing more though so I guess it’s ok. Middle son helped me with the cooking yesterday and youngest vacuumed the living room and mopped the bathrooms. Husband watched a new series on the computer….

I’ve noticed something this week. As long as we are cleaning or cooking or out of his hair, husband doesn’t get upset. As long as we are productive, he’s happy…. Are we automatons? Servants to be seen and not heard, as long as we are working? I swear that’s the way I feel today.

Just enjoying the peace, no matter how ambiguous.


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