Frustration and More Frustration

So I had to take middle son to the therapy center this morning for intake. We had to take the bus and be there by 7:30. I was awakened by the shoulder pain at 3:30 so my day started out shitty.

I decided to see about getting myself some mental health help since I’m struggling so hard with things going on here at home with hubby. Found out they don’t take my insurance so… No help there.

They asked if we wanted to do family therapy but I know it wouldn’t help. We tried it before and after we were released from therapy, things got worse.

This week has been hell. Hubby is PMSing or something. He’s been grouchy and grumpy, bitching about EVERYTHING. I’m seriously thinking about just packing our stuff and leaving. I’m tired and frustrated and sick of the shit.

I truly wish I were in better shape financially but even though my name is now on the bank account, I STILL haven’t gotten my bank card. I don’t know if it came in and he’s hidden it or if the bank just hasn’t sent it. It’s been like three months! I honestly feel that he’s gotten it and has hidden it though, just because he’s that type of man. It took 12 YEARS to get him to put me on the account!

I know this is a toxic relationship but how do I get out? I haven’t heard from the housing people and the crisis shelter won’t allow my middle son to stay there since he’s 15. Where the HELL is he supposed to go? He’s still a child!


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