OK, I’m done with today!

I’ve gone back to bed before anything gets worse.My day today:

Went to bed about 11 last night only to be awakened by the pain in my right shoulder at 2, 3, 5 AM.

Got up and got breakfast, my shoulder still killing me. Got dressed and ready to go. Not an easy feat with my shoulder screwed up like it is. Put on the sling and get it settled, fill my oxygen tank, one handed because the men of the house were too involved with their computers to pay attention to MY needs.

Then I had to walk a mile, up hill, to the bus stop and missed the first bus so had to wait 30 for the next bus. I said to myself that this was starting out bad….

Get off the bus and stop at the light to cross the street. #6 bus is at the stop, traffic is heavy so I can’t run against the light. The bus leaves, making me have to walk from 88th and Pecos to 84th and Zuni. It takes 45 minutes to walk there. It’s almost all up hill again.

Halfway there, it starts POURING rain. Velcro is scared to death so I have to carry him. Him in my left arm, my backpack on my left shoulder, oxygen tank around my waist, and the umbrella. Right arm is in a sling remember.

By the time I got to the Dr, I was in tears from the hip pain and my shoulder. Got checked in and the thunder and lightning started. Que panic attack.

See the Dr and get different (better?) pain meds and a MRI script.

Pouring rain when I leave. Walk to Walgreens and slip on the floor just inside the front door. Landed on my ass and bumped my head.

Took a cab home after getting meds. Got home at about 1 PM.

I’m not leaving my bed any more today except to pee…. I’m safe here!


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